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Wedding Vow Celebrant

Upon Request

All regions


An accredited celebrant creates unforgettable symbolic wedding ceremonies in Cyprus, offering two unique options for couples:

  • Standalone Service:  Couples can choose their dream location for a bespoke ceremony that reflects their beliefs, values, and personalities.  The celebrant will work closely with them to craft a meaningful and romantic celebration, using words that feel natural and comfortable.

  • Elopement Package Add-On:  For couples seeking a simpler alternative to the civil registry process, a celebrant can offer a symbolic, personalized ceremony as part of an elopement package. This allows couples to focus on the joy of their commitment without the stress of paperwork, while still creating a beautiful and memorable wedding day.

In either option, the celebrant is committed to ensuring a calm, relaxed, and enjoyable experience.  They will take the time to learn about each couple as individuals and weave their unique story into a ceremony that reflects their hopes and dreams for the future.  Whether seeking a traditional, religious, non-religious, or something entirely unique, the celebrant will listen closely, encourage anecdotes, and bring the couple's vision to life.  The only limit is the couple's imagination!

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