Frequently asked questions

When is it best to contact you to start organising an event?

The short answer to that is now! As soon as you start thinking about hosting an event and have a date, then it is a good time to immediately find a venue, and then event services and entertainment. The earlier you contact us, the more chances you get to be matched with the best choices for you as the best options tend to get booked early!

Do I need to know my budget before contacting you?

The short answer to that is no. Having said that, your budget is a very helpful guideline. By knowing your budget, our expert team can prioritise options for you, save you tonnes of time and guide you better as to which services and entertainment match your budget.

If you don't yet know your budget, our team can help you create a range.

Do you offer bespoke event services?

Of course we do! From bespoke design to special experiences for your guests, we have you covered.

Do you offer audiovisual services?

Yes, we do. We partner with some of the most trusted professionals in the industry. We can provide you with the best audiovisual equipment and technicians, who will deliver a wow-effect to your conference, brand launch or party.

We need someone to manage the whole event and coordinate on the day. Do you offer that service?

We most definitely do. We actually prefer it this way so we can ensure a seamless and well-run event.

What do I need to know before booking a live band for my event?

Bands need professional sound equipment, in order to perform at your event and each band has different requirements. Our team will let you know what is needed so that you can factor any extra costs in before booking. We will then book it and handle everything for you.

What types of events do you manage?

We specialise in the management of destination weddings to Cyprus, corporate events, gala dinners, conferences and big private parties.

We are great at creating fun seamless experiences for your guests, all-the-while working like clockwork behind-the-scenes. Begin by starting a new enquiry today and ask your Bandster contact point how you can create a truly memorable event!

I live abroad and I would love to get married in sunny Cyprus. Where do I start?

The first thing you need to book is a venue. Start a New Bandster Enquiry today and our expert team will help you find the venue that best matches the type of wedding that you would like.

I already have booked a venue for my event. Can you still help me source everything else?

Yes, of course we can! We can help you find the event services and entertainment that best match the venue and type of your event.

What kind of documents do I need in order to get married in Cyprus?

Here are the legal requirements for a wedding in Cyprus, based on the instructions of the Civil Registry and Migration Department of Cyprus:

GENERAL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS • Birth Certificates • Marital status statement
Exact requirements for this statement vary depending on your nationality. Full details can be obtained from your wedding coordinator. • If applicable: •Decree Absolute (if divorced) •Adoption Certificate •Name Change Deed Poll •Death Certificate (for widow/er)
Additional documents • for Anglican ceremony: Baptism or christening certificate into the Christian faith Additional documents
• for Catholic ceremony: Permission from your own local priest to get married overseas must be provided. Your local priest will be expected to forward this permission directly to the priest here in Cyprus. As this process of obtaining permission takes time, we recommend visiting your local priest at least 3 months before your planned wedding date. Catholic weddings in Cyprus must be preceded by a civil ceremony.
All documents are processed upon arrival in Cyprus.

All documents must be provided as originals. If the original documents are not issued in the English language, then it is required that a certified/notarized translation into either English or Greek be obtained.

Couples from abroad, who are going to get married in Cyprus must obtain a marriage license issued by the local municipality, prior to the wedding. Your wedding coordinator can set up an appointment for you with the relevant municipality, in order for you to obtain this license. The current cost of the marriage license is €282 as set by the Cyprus Government. Bandster is not liable for any change to the price without prior notice.

We suggest arriving in Cyprus at least 3 working days before your planned wedding ceremony in order to complete the paperwork.

Legal marriage age in Cyprus is 18+.

Please note that further fees are applied for a civil wedding and will be stated from the relevant local municipality itself. ​​ Your Bandster wedding coordinator will be happy to help you with further information on any further specifics and requirements, pricing and appointments needed, in order for you to be able to get married on the beautiful island of Cyprus.