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How it works for performing artists
APPLICATION for performing artists

Welcome to BANDSTER.

You are about to join the most complete database of venues, entertainment acts, suppliers and event services in Cyprus.

We are already working with more than 1000 companies and professionals to provide services and entertainment to clients that host events.


Join Bandster and you get the opportunity to be booked for corporate and private parties, weddings, concerts, festivals, clubs and more. Bandster is commission-based. We don't charge you for creating profiles for you and promoting you to our clients. We only charge you a commission on your selling prices to the client once we confirm a booking for you (commission varies on the type of service - please contact a Bandster representative for more details).

Email us at

1. A brief description of what you do and what makes you special

2. A profile photo of you or the service you offer

3. Photos and video material that showcases your work

4. Your contacts so that we can reach you

5. Your pricing template (please mention whether you are VAT registered and at what VAT bracket do your services fall in, either 5%, 9% or 19%)


Join Bandster, by sending us all requested information 

We match your service(s) with work opportunities 

We collect a deposit for you and confirm the booking. We manage the booking. You provide your services. Bandster pays you in full up to 2 working days after the event.

Plan Less. Play More.

Bandster is a management and collaboration tool for performing artists that work with one or more groups.

  •  Instant group or individual availability

  •  Hotline group messaging. One-click replies.

  •  Updates on everything that's happening with your band

  •  Easy group decision making

  •  Fast, stress-free group event & rehearsal planning

Download for FREE

Do you know other suppliers who could benefit from getting some extra work from Bandster?   Tell them about us.

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